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  • Hip Hop Soda Shop
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    Hip Hop Soda Shop

    Just read an interesting article about a new restaurant opening here in Tampa, Florida. Seems former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, Warren Sapp, is opening a restaurant called Hip Hop Soda Shop. It features hip-hop music and culture, energy drinks and video gaming. It’s going to be backed by big names in hip-hop including Russell Simmons. Check […] More

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    argh, gta3 is so crazy. i fell asleep last night playing that. *sorry cheryl*. i was stuck on that van heist mission for days. i dont see how they expect you to take the van with a warning level of 2. i guess i could get the car sprayed… but the police follow you too […] More

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    school school school

    ah, finally got my schedule straightened out, and i got all the classes i NEED (not i said need, and not want). oh well tho. im taking internet programming, technical writing, cal 1, and discrete math and apps. it just sounds like a boring schedule, but its things i need to take for my major. […] More

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    cold medicine

    fun stuff i tell ya. i no longer have that slow 500mhz, last night, before i went to bed, i installed my 2.1ghz, and im loving every second of it. amazing how much faster this computer is. i know i had a lot to blog about yesterday, but i forgot it. like via, i was […] More

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    ice ice baby

    {{popup vice1.jpg Vanilla_Ice 200×293}}while i was up in the attic getting down suitcases for my mom and sisters to go off to a wedding on wednesday (home alone for a week, not only are they leaving florida, they are leaving the country) something caught my eye. so i found my way through all the junk […] More

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    change of mind

    ok, i changed my mind about the music. the song that’s playing now is ian van dahl – castles in the sky (dj ricey mix). you can hear the one i had playing by clicking here. More

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    that 70s show

    {{popup 70musical1.jpg that_70s_show 320×240}}i don’t think theres any show on fox that i like more than that 70’s show last night they had their {{popup 70musical2.jpg 70musical2 320×240}}special 100th episode. and it was the funniest thing i’ve ever seen. in between laughing, i started taking screen caps of the show.{{popup 70musical3.jpg 70musical3 320×240}} i didn’t […] More

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    crossing the lines

    i feel weird writting this, but i think i have to admit that nsync has stepped outta the catagory as fad. i’m not a fan of this group, and like many people, i considered them just a fabrication of the pop generation. today, as i was watching 106 and park, their remix of girlfriend took […] More

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    reality bites

    reality sucks… well, when you have to take a course in physics… it does. on mondays, i have my 3 hour physics lab. up until now, all the labs we had to do were fairly easy, and didn’t take too much thought. i mean, if you could read instructions, you were home free. today was […] More