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    5 reasons why Shoko Nakagawa is awesome

    If you don’t know who Shoko Nakagawa is, you have missed out on one of the most entertaining, funny, and truly moe idols ever. She is not only a successful gravure idol, but she can also sing, act, and is one of the biggest otaku in the world! Yep, you heard me. She is probably […] More

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    Rei Ayanami car in Akihabara

    Were police hassling this Otaku because they thought he was a serious threat, or were they just intrigued by his cool Rei Ayanami car? Chovitz posted about how this was his second time being questioned by police in Akihabara for no appearant reason. Sure, his car does stand out, but does that make him a […] More

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    Otaku room on FriendFeed

    If you’re a fan of Japanese pop culture, or have you own blog related to anything Otaku, feel free to join my new FriendFeed room /Otaku. FriendFeed is a service that has been gaining a lot of publicity recently, and I am a big fan of it. With there being so many social networking sites […] More

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    Tomohiro Kato: Akihabara killer details

    Lots of new details emerged since Sunday about the Tomohiro Kato Akihabara killings. Early on, the media turned their focus to the fact that he seemed to be a fan of doujinshi, military equipment, cars, and Miss Wide Open. Police found evidence of all of the above in his apartment, and of course, the media […] More

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    What do Otaku dream about

    So what do Otaku dream about? I think this movie just about sums it up. Except in my dreams, I tend to see Sora Aoi dressed as Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion on my computer screen. This sorta reminds me of a new pilot for a Japanese drama show. I would probably watch it. More

  • Tokyology Interview

    Tokyology – Japanese Pop Culture Documentary

    Well, if you haven’t guessed it already, I’m a big fan, and somewhat of an addict to Japanese pop culture. The fact that you’re reading this blog probably makes you an addict too. One of my goals for 2008 is to make it over to Japan and experience it for myself. However, if you can’t […] More

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    AkibaBlog now in English!

    Good news to anyone that’s into Otaku type news, and doesn’t read Japanese. The famed Otaku AkibaBlog is now offered in English! More

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    Help your blog grow with

    I’m sitting here after an all-nighter working on It really has becoming an addiction, and I still don’t feel as though I’m finished messing with it. Its going to be an ongoing project of love, sweat, restless nights, and pineapple pocky. I have really high hopes for since there isn’t really a news […] More