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    April 2008 stats for

    Well another month has passed by on April was such a great month for me, as well as for the blog. I have moved to Jacksonville FL to be closer with family, and so far I am enjoying the city. I haven’t lived on the Atlantic coast since I was a kid. So its […] More

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    March 2008 stats for

    Well I can’t believe it’s already April. I spent much of my morning looking at all the April Fools jokes going around like Google’s Virgil Pioneer, John Chow’s UberAffiliate Review (which I fell for), and Darren’s PayPerTweet service. Great stuff this year. If you are a regular reader of, you may have noticed I […] More

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    Full RSS Feeds

    Well, I have always belonged to the school of thought that if you promote your full RSS feed, people wont have any reason to visit your site. However, I feel as though that is one of the reasons why I do not have as many subscribers as I want. (around 70 or so as I […] More