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    Im in Ireland

    hi everyone, i am in Ireland and im at my friends house kate visiting her for a while. Thought i’d show her my site and say hi to all of you while im at it!!! Kate is like my best mate cause ive known her for about 11 years since she was a baby, her […] More

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    9 hours

    ugh, this is the first time in years that i’ve slept for 9 hours. i just couldn’t get to sleep for some reason so i stayed up watching movies on hbo. first movie that came on was attica. it’s a really good movie. i don’t remember how many times i’ve watched it. they really did […] More

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    where are the girls???

    yesterday morning when i woke up, the tv just happened to be on the disney channel. i don’t know what i was watching last night, but in the sea of infomercials and such, the sounds of disney is good to sleep by (lol, i’m not trying to say that channel puts me to sleep). well, […] More

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    2.5 hours of SLEEP

    i’m so unbelievably tired right now. remember that program i said i had to do? well, turns out that i fell asleep around 1:30 while taking a “break” (or at least, that’s what i told myself it was). i woke up at 4am and started back on it. 2 and a half hours of sleep, […] More

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    i procrastinate with the best of em

    i have the worse headache right now. i’ve been programming since 12pm, and i’m STILL not finished. *sigh* i guess i shouldn’t procrastinate so much eh? oh well, that’s life. last night as i was trying to sleep, i had a few new ideas to spice up my site. i’m going to try and get […] More

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    ooh, just remembered what i wanted to say before i go to sleep… be sure to check out,,,, and they all have new layouts! More

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