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    Haruhi Dance Game Details!

    New details and new screens have emerged for the new Haruhi Wii dance game. Like everyone may have figured, you will hold the Wii-mote corresponding to the icons given to you on screen. It’s a standard based timing game like Guitar Hero, or Dance Dance Revolution. The red bar gives you an idea on when […] More

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    Pop virtual bubble wrap on your Wii

    Bubble wrap always seems to provide me with hours of enjoyment… until I run out of bubbles to pop, which is a very sad moment indeed. However, there is a new Wii game that will help turn my frown up-side-down! OK, this post seems a bit cheesy from the beginning, but it’s 3:23am so I […] More

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    Does a Wii-mote blend?

    I know that must be a question that you have been wanting an answer to for a long time. Well, the guys at Blendtec have put the Nintendo’s invincible system’s controller to the test. Blendtec also answers some other tough questions like, Will Halo 3 Blend? Will Guitar Hero 3 Blend? Will an iPhone Blend? […] More

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    Dancing Haruhi game coming to Wii

    I think the countless and countless Haruhi dancing videos had something to do with this bit of news. It has been confirmed that there will be a dancing game based on the hit anime series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The latest Haruhi game for the Wii will be a dancing game, involving timing Haruhi […] More

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    Wii-mote Head Tracking

    Was just reading Dannychoo’s latest post about Apple filing a new patent for a pair of glasses with a head mounted laser. I got a bit excited because earlier in the day I was reading a cool article over at Joystiq about Johnny Lee. Who is Johnny Lee? He was a speaker at a recent […] More

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    Super NES controller for Wii

    Right now, I’m a bit jealous. Jealous at the fact that I don’t live in Japan. Jealous at the fact I’m not a Club Nintendo member. Now, if I did happen to live in Japan, and was a member of that club, I could have my hands on this cool new Super Famicom (Super NES […] More

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    Weekend review

    Just got back from Pensacola, FL, and had a great time hanging out on the beach for 2 days. Judging by my 1000+ posts in Google reader, seems this weekend was packed with great news. So rather than elaborating, here’s my picks from the weekend. Gamers camping out for GTA4 New Nintendo DS at E3? […] More