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    i am victorious

    today was a pretty good day. it started off rough because i realized i did the wrong lab discussion write up, so i had to scramble to get it done before i left for school. none-the-less, i got it finished, and turned in. so then i went over to the commons for pool. if you […] More

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    xorsyst on IG?!?

    is xorsyst is on!? heh, not exactly. earlier today, justin over @ asked me to make a quick banner for his hosting company. so i threw something together for him. it’s not the most flashy thing, but for advertising purposes, you don’t want flashy. you need something that is eyecatching, simple, and easy […] More

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    just when you thought the breakdancing, dr. pepper luv’in, peety pimp was gone… he shocks the world by exposing it ALL. praise all that is peet! More