Amusing Japanese Commercials

One thing that I can never get enough of are Japanese commercials. Maybe I’m a bit biased due to the fact that they are Japanese, but here in the states, we have a whole different mindset when it comes to humor.

There’s no other way to describe this one other than cute. Yes, I’m man enough to use cute as a description for something other than a female. Thanks Speakout from Stuff Girls Like.

How’s that for determination.

The props are amazing.

(You’ve prob seen the avatar of the above movie floating around on your favorite forums. That’s where its from)

One of those commercials where it’s so out there that people just automatically want to talk about it.

Hmm… I dunno. I think I could get past the voice.

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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  1. the first cm is Thai’cm it’s very famous and have alot version
    and Nitendo’s Cm It’s look like Thai location
    I’m not sure but the school unifrom it’s look like Thai’s student uniforms

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