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Hip Hop Soda Shop

Hip Hop Soda Shop

Just read an interesting article about a new restaurant opening here in Tampa, Florida. Seems former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, Warren Sapp, is opening a restaurant called Hip Hop Soda Shop. It features hip-hop music and culture, energy drinks and video gaming. It’s going to be backed by big names in hip-hop including Russell Simmons. Check out the video, it seems like such a good idea. Head to the Hip Hop Soda Shop, grab some food and drinks, and play Madden! I did a bit of researching online, and IGames states that the Hip Hop Soda Shop will have at least 10 PC stations, and 20 XBOX 360s. I’m sure they will have PS3s as well. I’m thinking about attending the grand opening on December 18th! The address of the new Hip Hop Soda Shop is:


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  1. The phone number to the Hip Hop Soda Shop is 813-977-1200. The number listed above is a personal number (mine) and incorrect. Please remove my phone number from this article. Thank You.

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