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Kawaii Animals

My favorite pet has always been cats. They are independent, but needy at the same time. If you ever wondered why cats purr, you now have one less question in your life. I was searching MyBlogLog which seems to be a new habit of mine when I’m bored. I came across the Cute Animal Blog 『かわいい動物』, that had a lot of cute cat pictures/videos and all sorts of movies. Definitely check out her site if you enjoy kawaii pets. If anyone can tell me what kind of cat is in the first movie, I would be grateful. Here are a few of my favorites:

Also check out some cute neko shirts, phone straps, bentos over at J-List!

What do you think?

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  1. heyyy
    i just thaught that i would let you know that the first cat is a Scottish Fold
    they are so cute!!
    there little ears are folded overrrrrr :)
    awwwwww ^_^

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