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All Viewer Commands

Don’t worry! Even if you cant sub or don’t want access to the infamous !say command, you still have access to over 100 other sound files for FREE. Feel free to browse and search the list below to find the perfect sound file for the moment.

!1upMario extra life (1up)
!airhornMLG Airhorn
!allwrongGreta Thunberg - This is all wrong
!arigatouTracer - Arigatou ne (Japanese)
!arnold1Terminator 2 - Hasta la vista baby
!arnold2Terminator 2 - I'll be back
!awfuckAw fuck I can't believe you've done this
!awshitCJ - Aw shit here we go again
!ayayaAyaya (Japanese)
!ayaya2Ayaya Ayaya (Japanese)
!bakaBaka Baka Baka (Japanese)
!baka2A ta baka
!bannedYou were banned from the server
!bossLike a boss!
!buttsSir Mix a Lot - I like big butts
!cheeseSometimes I dream about cheese
!combobreakerKiller Instinct combo breaker
!comeonObama - Come on man
!coolkidsCool Kids sub sound
!cricketsChurping crickets
!curbCurb your enthusiasm ending
!damnSmokey from Friday saying Damn!
!damn2Good Times - Damn Damn Damn!
!damnsonDamn son where'd you find this
!deadpeopleI see dead people
!dickheadKate Nash - Dickhead
!djoinDiscord join sound
!dnotifyDiscord notification sound
!doitShia LeBeouf - Do It
!dokiDoki doki no waku waku (Japanese)
!dramaDramatic chipmunk meme
!easymode(Overwatch) DVA - Is this easy mode
!emptywordsGreta Thunberg - Empty words
!enemyCounter Strike - Enemy spotted
!fart1Fart noise
!fart2Fart noise
!fatalityMortal Kombat fatality finisher
!finishhimMortal Kombat finish him
!fridayRebecca Black - Friday
!fuckthisFuck this shit im out
!ganbateGanbate kudasai ne senpai (Japanese)
!giggityQuagmire - Giggity (Family Guy)
!gokuGoku saying Kamehameha (Japanese)
!goodbyeAOL Goodbye sound
!hahaSimpsons - Nelson's laugh
!headshotUnreal Tournament - Headshot
!healing(Overwatch) Hanzo - I need healing
!hellnoOh hell no
!helloLionel Richie - Hello
!hellyeaHell yea!
!hentaiIt's called hentai, and it's art (Japanese)
!hero(Overwatch) Mercy - Heroes never die
!hey(Overwatch) Sombra - Hey
!heythere(Overwatch) Sombra - Hey there
!honeyUh huh honey
!hoodThis is a certified hood classic
!howdareyouGreta Thunberg - How dare you
!imaginationSpongebob - Imagination
!imoutScooby doo bongo feet
!itstimeBruce Buffer - It's time
!kanye1Poopity Scoop
!kanye2Woop de scoop de boop
!kanye3Poop de scoop de woop
!killyouI will kill you
!kobeDave Chappelle - Kobe
!legendaryBarney Stinson - Legendary
!loveBurning Love (Japanese)
!mariodeadSuper Mario death music
!mcscuseMcScuse me bitch? (Carla's in trouble)
!megPeter Griffin - Shut up Meg
!mgsMetal Gear Solid alert sound
!moneyFry - Shutup and take my money
!murlocWorld of Warcraft murloc
!mymanMy man - Rick and Morty
!naniNani sore (what's this) (Japanese)
!nani2Male Nani (Japanese)
!nani3Rachael Alucard - Nani sore (Japanese)
!nani4Nani suru n desu ka (Japanese)
!nani5Steve Harvey - Nani (Japanese)
!naruhodoZenyatta - Naruhodo (Japanese)
!nerdNerd alert
!nerd2Homer screaming NERD!
!nicememeNice meme
!notimeAin't nobody got time for that
!nottodayArya Stark - Not today
!nyanpasuNon Non Biyori - Renge saying Nyanpasu
!ohnoBruce from Family Guy - Oh no
!okLil Jon - Okay
!omgAyaya - Oh my gah! (Japanese)
!oniichanOnii-chan Onii-chan! (Japanese)
!order66Execute clone protocol 66
!pardonBegging your pardon sir
!perfectStreet Fighter - Perfect
!planNegan - I had a plan
!poiYoridori midori poi (Japanese)
!rimshotDrum rimshot (ba dum tiss)
!runbitchRun bitch RUNNNN
!sadSad trombone sound
!saywhatFamily Guy - Stewie - Say what?
!scare1Scream from Five Nights at Freddys (200 pts)
!scare2Glass breaking (50 pts)
!scare3Evil laugh (50 pts)
!scare4Knocking on door (25 pts)
!scare5A girl screaming (25 pts)
!scouterVegeta - It's over 9000! (Dragonball)
!secretZelda Secret Found
!serious(Overwatch) Sombra - You're taking this very seriously
!shameCersie's walk of shame
!shesaidThat's what she said
!shineReaper - Shine - DIE (Japanese)
!showtimeD.VA - Showtime (Japanese)
!shutupSays shutup
!smellMorgan Freeman - I can smell you
!spartaSparta kick!
!stupidYou stupid
!suckBooo! You suck!
!sugoi1Sugoi na (Japanese)
!sugoi2Suzu Hirose - Sugoi (Japanese)
!sugoi3Sugoi nya (Japanese)
!sugoi4Sugoi (Japanese)
!supervisorArcher - Cheryl - You're not my supervisor
!surpriseSurprise motherfucker
!thankyouPortal turret - Thank you
!thotBe gone thot
!turtlesI like turtles
!tuturuStein's Gate - Mayushi's Tuturu (Japanese)
!urusaiWidowmaker - Urusai (Japanese)
!victoryVictory sound
!waitingI've been waiting for this
!wakeupHey wake up!
!welcomeYou're welcome
!welldoneMortal Kombat - Well done
!whocaresPeter Griffin - Who cares (Family Guy)
!winDJ Khalid - All I do is win
!wowFairy Tale - Wow (Japanese)
!wow2Wow congratulations (Japanese)
!wow3Mortal Kombat - Wow
!wreckedRick and Morty - Wrecked son
!yaruTracer - Yaru (Japanese)
!yayFluttershy - Yay
!yay2Kids screaming yay
!yeaLil Jon - Yea (Yes)
!yeaboyFlava Flav - yeah boy
!yesNapolean Dynamite - Yesssss
!yooKabuki Yoooooo (Japanese)
!yoshYosh! (Japanese)


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