Frank loves MRirian!

Frank loves MRirian!


I am FrankUpdate (Feb 14, 2008): Seems the google cache doesn’t work anymore, but I did save it just in case that would happen. Check it out.

Update to the Update:(Jan, 29) Seems that the forum I linked below made it private so no one could read the posts made by her “stalker.” So thanks to Google, here is the cache of the page!
UPDATE (Jan, 29): Yet another and possibly a last update because I have no idea anymore. Thanks to Yellowjee who left a comment below, it seems that a “fan” made that Magibon website, as a stalker tribute joke. I dont know what’s going on anymore, lol. Check out the forum post.

Just a little update about MRirian thanks to Jonathan. So it seems the whole MRirian phenomena was just a viral marketing campaign for a Japanese horror movie. I think we all deep down knew it, but it’s nice that the truth is out. Jonathan discovered that the comments were being moderated to preserve the hoax. On a scale of 1 – 10 on how effective the viral campaign was, I give it a 7. The Youtube videos got their views, bloggers were talking about it (me included), and it got publicity from some big sites. Well, if you go to you will see a gas masked figure named Frank, obsessing over Magibon’s videos. Frank is clawing at the wall, while it seems a projector is projecting Magibon’s pictures on a wall. Frank has also drawn a lovely stick figure picture of him and Magi holding hands with hearts in the background. So who knows the name of the new movie? I wonder how many Magibon blogs are going to be abandoned and forgotten like Lonelygirl15? OH, and all of you that voted saying MRirian is the next Lonelygirl15, congratulate yourselves. You were right! Thanks again Jonathan. Yaranaika? morphing caesar?

Will you watch the new movie about Frank and Magibon?

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