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Frank loves MRirian!

I am FrankUpdate (Feb 14, 2008): Seems the google cache doesn’t work anymore, but I did save it just in case that would happen. Check it out.

Update to the Update:(Jan, 29) Seems that the forum I linked below made it private so no one could read the posts made by her “stalker.” So thanks to Google, here is the cache of the page!
UPDATE (Jan, 29): Yet another and possibly a last update because I have no idea anymore. Thanks to Yellowjee who left a comment below, it seems that a “fan” made that Magibon website, as a stalker tribute joke. I dont know what’s going on anymore, lol. Check out the forum post.

Just a little update about MRirian thanks to Jonathan. So it seems the whole MRirian phenomena was just a viral marketing campaign for a Japanese horror movie. I think we all deep down knew it, but it’s nice that the truth is out. Jonathan discovered that the comments were being moderated to preserve the hoax. On a scale of 1 – 10 on how effective the viral campaign was, I give it a 7. The Youtube videos got their views, bloggers were talking about it (me included), and it got publicity from some big sites. Well, if you go to you will see a gas masked figure named Frank, obsessing over Magibon’s videos. Frank is clawing at the wall, while it seems a projector is projecting Magibon’s pictures on a wall. Frank has also drawn a lovely stick figure picture of him and Magi holding hands with hearts in the background. So who knows the name of the new movie? I wonder how many Magibon blogs are going to be abandoned and forgotten like Lonelygirl15? OH, and all of you that voted saying MRirian is the next Lonelygirl15, congratulate yourselves. You were right! Thanks again Jonathan. Yaranaika? morphing caesar?

Will you watch the new movie about Frank and Magibon?

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  1. Google is a beast, and thats the way they like it… part of the reason why they are shook up over the whole Microsoft/Yahoo! deal. However, sorry if things didn’t go as you had hoped. The net in general has a way of bringing to light things you may have not realized.

  2. I consider the net the same as spoken word, once you speak, it is out there for the duration it sticks with the masses. I don’t believe that me taking this down would do anything for the situation as it stands. Society is funny that way. Unless your Joran Van Der Sloot, when people lose interest, its hard to spark it again. Plus, BuzzFeed and Google send this page about 200-350 hits a day since it was posted. Those that were interested in the whole Magibon “project” have probably found all the information they needed. Opportunities come and go. Just be ready for the next one in life.

  3. Actually it looks like the claim made above that it’s viral LGish marketing appears to be false. The video at made me wonder if Magi was really part of something like an LG series. I was hoping, lol. Unfortunately, the kind of person that likes LG would be curious. So naturally I was inclined to wonder the origins of the site. Doing a revese DNS search shows that the site was createed January 18th, 2008. Someone is listed as, “Joakim Danung”. A traceroute of the site shows that it’s located in Sweeden.

    If it were all a hoax and that location is wrong, why would this site be put up only 2 weeks ago when Magi’s youtube site has been up for well over a year? Also this girl lives in pennsylvania. There is a lot of proof in her pictures if you know what to look for. The site seems pretty far away to be involved. Why not have something hosted in the states?

    The staler video is extremely polished and sophisticated, while MRirian isn’t. Also her videos haven’t progressed anywhere near the speed that lonelygirl would. In fact it’s almost like they are not progressing at all. She always does the same things. If it were a viral hoax on Mririans part, I doubt they’d wait over a year to spring the good stuff like that stalker video etc.

    So it appears that instead of Mririan being a hoax, this is a hoax claiming that Mririan is a hoax. I could be wrong, or maybe I missed something? Of course mririan could still be hoax, but this doesn’t seem very connected.

    (Edited by xor: Please don’t post personal information. Yes its public, but I don’t feel as though it needs to be here.)

  4. I was browsing around (big Japan/Asian TV Drama torrent site) and a few members claimed that Magibon used to hang out there. But after a few arguments (Magibon seems very opinionated and stubborn) Magibon ended up being banned or left voluntarily. Some of the members claim she is doing all of this for the attention for someone to give her a job. She does want to go to Japan though.

  5. Come on, its just a little girl playing on her cam. That it’s a media trick for a movie is soooo silly for many reasons! The video short was made using MRirian’s videos that have been around for over a year.
    The guy just used MRirian’s videos as a base for his project.

    I do love the wild stories going around about this girl though, all totally fictional.

  6. Frankly i believe that So-Called “Frank” is nothing but a freak preying on his own lust of little girls….to be honest its quite sad……I bet he is just doing this to scare people and freak her out to where she would go out with him. of course thats my own opinion.

  7. A Selection Of Magi’s Interview From A Certain Magazin In Japan—

    >Why is your name Magibon?

    My true name is Maggie. So I want a nick name like Japanese.
    I got it from the nick name of Aibon as the Group member of “モーニング娘/Morning Musume(daughter)”.

    >Where are you live in? And what are you doing now?

    I live in the town about 3.000 residents where located at the mountain side in Pennsylvania, USA.
    The nearest large city is N.Y. from where it takes 4hours car ride.
    And I have a part time job of a casher in the shop sometimes.

    >Your features look like an Asian lineage, didn’t they?

    Native American is in me a little bit, because my features look like an Asian lineage.

    >Why are you concern about Japan?

    Because Japanese things are very enjoyably about……confectionary “Pocky”–a stick of chocolate–
    In the childhood I like “Sailor Moon”–an animation–, but now I like a TV drama more than the animation or the manga.
    “Hanayori Dango”,”Ichirittoruno Namida”,”Nodame Kantabire” which I watch from the internet.

    > Why you spoke nothing in the YouTube at early stage?

    I think it was only an experiment which if I could look my image in the internet was cool.
    When I had watched my image in the display, “Wow, It’s me in the P.C.!” I waved my hands and laughed.
    I didn’t think about any other people watched it. Then, I dislike my double tooth, so I didn’t want to open my mouth.
    But many people who found the vlog and commented on it. They commented “No speaking is so deep!” or “Please upload more vlogs.” I was exerted myself by them. So I had uploaded more vlogs.

    >You became famous in the entire world, immediately, didn’t you?

    My heart went pita pat, Many messages had been sent from the entire world. Someone said, “You make me calm and mild”
    But Ill-natured messages had been on increase.

    >There is a rumor that a production of entertainment supported behind you, isn’t there?

    I have belonged to any production. I make the vlog by myself at home, right.
    I know the site in which about my true character was wrote a lie and a conjecture on their own way.
    Almost all of them are nice people who watch my videos.
    It is the most joyful thing for me about my vlog had been sent to Japanese peoples.

    >You excel in Japanese. Did you learn it at a Japanese school and so on?

    No Japanese school, No Japanese teacher in my town.
    So I studied and exerted all by myself. But I don’t like a study. (With a short laugh)
    As I don’t like a text book, I studied to read the lyrics of the Japanese songs which I like with looking up the kanji (Chinese character) being difficult to grasp.
    And after I watched the Japanese dramas with English Subtitles, I tried to watch no subs. but, of course, I can’t understand what it is yet. But I am surprised by myself when made it sense good. (With a short laugh)
    As I can write only a few Chinese characters, they are 1, 2, and 3 in it and so on!

    >You wrote the blog to use Chinese character by Japanese, didn’t you?

    It is full of mistakes. But it is much good advice for me as many Japanese readers sent various one

  8. this was the stupidest-shit youtube phenomenon in a long while. fake or not, the point is people watched this crap every week and were mesmerized by it. some little Asian bitch stares at the camera doing nothing, barely talks, and each video got millions of views.

    anyone who watched more than a single video for 30 seconds is a closet pedo, needs to find friends, and needs some mental counseling. retards.

  9. cmz017no.. you’re a fucking idiot, everyone is a closet pedo for watching it? she is a fucking 21 yr old who is fully developed and looks cute wtf is wrong with looking at her cuteness? she isn’t doing anything sexual, that is not to say I wouldn’t hit it, but I aint no fuckin g pedo I dont mind them young as in 17+ man fuck what you saying , you prob the pedo

  10. i must be the last guy in the world to fond out about this. I found Magibon and for whatever reason tried one vid i guess cos i was white guy who lived in Japan for some years and was interested in what it was all about and why so may vlogs dissing her..
    What i cannot grasp in all the thousands of other vlogs it spawned, sites like this etc is why you even give a f**k. So she got famous for a few months and got her trip to Japan. Good for her. The amount of jealousy following her around is 500000 more scary than anything anyone accused her of. i stiill cant work it out or anyone who keeps having a go at her. Insecurity and jealousy is obviously more widespread than i thought and runs to the point that half the world is having a go at some average girl who did a few short vids like millions of others do. The difference is for whatever reason now nearly 4 million hits on her utube page, 25 million more comments on hundreds of sites like this all of which which pisses some people off. thats what we need to understand, why people get upset and obsessed by it, its very very scary…i enter the discussion 1 day, i leave it the same day and move on like everyone else should

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