New job, so tired!

So sleepyI havn’t missed a day posting this year so far, and I don’t plan to, but my posts may get latter on in the day due to me having to find a new posting rhythm. One thing that I loved about freelancing is that I could make my own schedule, and rarely woke up before 9am. However, I want something a little more structured with more room to grow. So I just started a new job yesterday with a great startup. I’m their SEO specalist. By the nature of SEO, it’s a huge time commitment. So I’m getting use to working my personal things around monitering clicks and graphs. So if you haven’t already, subscribe to my feed so you don’t miss a post. Speaking of RSS, I just broke 600 subscribers! As soon as I get used to waking up this early again, I hope to go back to posting in the morning!

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